Dave Dearborn, Chief Executive Officer

With more than 25 years of professional experience as a senior business executive involved in sales, business development, operations, customer relationship management and more, Dave Dearborn has a wealth of leadership and entrepreneurial expertise across a variety of industries.

Dave is a seasoned interactive video monitoring command center, call center and CRM business executive with a proven and successful record of accomplishment in large and small business alike.  His areas of expertise include business development, top and bottom line growth (organic and thru acquisition), business start-up and company turnaround situations. Additionally, Dave has experience in private financing, mergers and acquisitions, strategic sales and marketing.

Currently Dave is Chief Executive Officer of DCRM Solutions, an interactive video security and CRM services provider.  DCRM has a focus on bringing layered, value added services to multiple vertical markets including retail, automotive, and property management/multi-family housing as well as other related markets.

Prior to DCRM, Dave was Chief Operating Officer for Iverify Inc., a Charlotte, NC-based interactive security & call center services provider.

Iverify’s interactive security and call center services marries the sophisticated technologies of the call center, interactive remote video monitoring, and two-way audio communications, providing a full suite of value added services in many vertical markets.  Industries include retail, multi-family housing & commercial real estate, automotive, banking and many others.  For example, Iverify’s high end Contact & Security Center uses a combination of call center tools, customer interaction systems, and voice and video surveillance technology allowing agents to analyze and manage events (phone calls, alarms, video motions and more) in real time.  This allows agents to assist on any issue immediately and remotely.

As COO, Dave managed all aspects of the day-to-day operational functions for the company and oversaw all strategic development and execution of Iverify’s customer relationship & customer experience management. Under his tenure, Iverify

  • was recognized in Inc Magazine’s 28th Annual Top 500
  • was recognized by the Charlotte Journal as the #5 fastest growing company in the area
  • saw revenue increase by more than 800% in 3 years

Furthermore, Dave has been principal in several other successful endeavors in the interactive video monitoring, command call center, and customer relationship management center arenas.

Prior to his position as COO at Iverify, Dave was the Founder and President of Viewpoint CRM, a leading provider of call center and interactive video monitoring – security services, as well as customer care.  Viewpoint has a strong concentration in the real estate, commercial, residential, and multifamily housing vertical markets.

He has also been a senior management consultant and advised numerous business initiatives in the call center services, interactive video monitoring Services and CRM areas including VideoMinex and InterStar, two early pioneers which were acquired by Iverify.

From 1990 – 2002 Dave Dearborn was CEO and co-founder of Protocol Communications (now Protocol Global Solutions), a leading multi-channel organization that is an Outsourced Provider of CRM contact center services and management, an integrated marketing service company, and a provider of parole monitoring and case management services (GPS Parole Monitoring).

Dave received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts and his Master of Business Administration from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island.