Security Services

In today’s world, maintaining security is essential to upholding peace of mind over any property or business. Whether deterring crime, defending against liability, ensuring optimization or simply providing support where needed, DCRM’s security service solutions are custom designed to match all of our clients’ security and business needs. Our offerings include:

Video Protection Services

  • Available 24-hour site video monitoring
  • Video verification and response
  • Event alerts triggered by video analytics software (CV)
    • People
    • Vehicle
    • Motion
    • Video alarm detection and response
    • Post-event video retrieval, review and report
    • Safe opening with audit trail
    • Remote arming & disarming 

Video Remote Guarding

  • Scheduled guard tours of client sites (audio and discreet)
  • Proactive defenses and reactive responses against suspicious activities
  • Proactive defenses and reactive responses against loitering
    • People
    • Vehicles
    • “Hotspot” observation
    • Maintenance checks
    • Wellness checks
    • Scheduled remote voice announcements to increase awareness of sites being actively monitored
    • Virtual visual & audio security escorts
    • Nuisance control and avoidance
    • Handset, telephone or call box event

Video Access Control

  • Site opening and closing management
  • Vendor, delivery, visitor management
  • Assets & inventory access control
  • Dumpster usage
  • Door monitoring
  • Control of excessive, inappropriate or unapproved guests
  • Identification of suspicious / loitering individuals

Business Process Improvement

  • Site policy and procedure compliance
  • Site safety audits – OSHA
  • Insurance liability defense and evidence support
  • Equipment and systems checks
  • High value asset, merchandise handling compliance
  • Uniform and site cleanliness adherence, site presentation
  • Operational & quality audits
  • Virtual office and property management
  • On-site messaging
  • Customer attentiveness calibration
  • Marketing audits
  • Customer relationship audits

We react to each situation to help and assist, ultimately enhancing safety, preventing loss and bringing value and assurance to our customers. Events can be emergency and non-emergency in nature, but our staff will always respond and intervene as and when needed. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, DCRM Solutions is there – monitoring live. Contact us today to speak with a DCRM security expert and start designing your custom security strategy!