PInnacle Sentry

At the core of our Command Center is our unique and sophisticated PInnacle® Sentry technology from Professional Teledata.

PInnacle® Sentry is an all-in-one interactive video monitoring and automated event distribution (AED) platform. This next-generation software allows DCRM Solutions to react quickly and purposefully to every unique camera event, doing so while adhering to each customer’s specific protocols and scripts built around their unique standard operating procedure (SOP).

PInnacle® Sentry allows interactive (reactive and proactive) video event intervention to sync with on-site audio equipment, one way or two-way, and is integrated with all CV interactive video alarm systems and responses.

In response to an interactive video event, command center staff can access real-time video and also look back into our cloud-stored video archive, and all event interactions are customized and scripted based on each customer’s specific needs and input.

When handling an event, command center staff have access to all pertinent site information right at their fingertips. They are trained to follow predetermined event response prompts, ensuring that every interaction is handled consistently and with the utmost quality.