DCRM’s Digital Advantage

Our innovative security services provide numerous advantages over traditional techniques:

  • On average, it costs $250,000 per year to maintain a single-person, 24/7 security guard post.
  • DCRM Solutions’ services can be yours for a fraction of this cost.
  • A security guard is only human: he or she can easily succumb to fatigue, apathy or fear in his or her work.
  • Our quality assurance controls and comprehensive employee monitoring practices ensure that our agents are constantly motivated and alert. Additionally, the fact that we monitor our clients’ sites remotely means that we need not worry about our personal safety when responding to an observed situation or threat.
  • In the eyes of many wrongdoers, a security guard commands neither authority nor respect.
  • Our systems can intimidate if needed and can be used in coordination with local police.
  • A security guard can only be in one place at a time and is limited in what he or she can observe.
  • Our systems are omnipresent in safeguarding your property. Moreover, our advanced analytics technologies allow us to identify situations and threats that are imperceptible to lesser observers.
  • Security camera systems, unless someone is actively watching over them, are a passive technology: for many businesses, it is only after something bad has happened that a video recording serves any purpose.
  • Our systems are actively and continuously monitored, identifying situations and correcting them before they become problems.